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Wednesday Evening  6:30 p.m.

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Women’s Ministry

Our pastor likes to say, “When God created all things in Genesis, He saved the best for last.”  Women are precious to God and our church family, and we feel it is critical that ladies have special opportunities to get together for fellowship, personal growth and ministry.  That is why our Women’s Ministry Leader works hard to plan the kinds of activities that women enjoy.

Getting into the Word on Sunday


We feel that one of the best ways for women to feel connected with one another is by spending time together studying the Scriptures to discover God’s plan for their lives.  We currently have three different ladies classes that meet each Sunday morning at 9:30 AM before worship.  Women can also attend mixed classes, but many ladies enjoy the rich fellowship of the “ladies only” classes.  One class is directed toward younger and middle age ladies, one is designed for “empty nesters” and one for retired ladies.  Of course there are classes offered during this time for children as well, so child care is not a problem.

Special Bible Studies


Many of our ladies thoroughly enjoy getting together for more in-depth Bible studies that are offered on a regular basis through the week.  Beth Moore is a remarkable teacher and the ladies will often have a Thursday evening Beth Moore study.  If you are interested in these studies, please call or email us to get the current schedule for these studies.

Women’s Activities


Ladies enjoy getting together for some fun once in a while and our ladies have some wonderful times for laughter and enjoyment.  It maybe a hay ride or a fellowship at someone’s home, but there is always something going on just for the fun of it.

Women’s Ministries


The ladies of our church are also involved in meaningful ministry.  Whether it is as a group or as individuals, our church offers many ways for women to be involved in the work of the Lord.  If you would like to be involved in something greater than yourself, talk to our Women’s Ministry Director to discover ways you can be involved

Women’s Ministry Director Eva Norman

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